Guido Barbagallo

COO of B Developments

Guido Barbagallo began working at B Developments in high school as an architectural assistant. Throughout the years, he has worked alongside seasoned project managers that developed projects like Altos de Miami, Terrazas River Park Village, and various single-family homes. After completing high school, Guido gained further experience in B Developments while attending college in Miami. He later moved to New York City where he obtained his architectural degree at Pratt Institute and interned in award-winning architecture firms, including de-spec, during the summer. When he returned to Miami, Guido spearheaded the construction, architecture, and development team of Zoi House at Coconut Grove. While doing so, Guido also worked on capital improvement projects in the B Group Capital Managements portfolio, ranging from intimate breakroom areas to entire lobby renovations. Guido’s background and fresh perspective make him the company’s best resource for product definition and the future of developments, identifying the correct and best use for each new development project. Along with managing development and construction, Guido leads the marketing efforts and corporate image for B Group Holdings.