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B Group Capital Management specializes in strategic asset management through investor relations, deal and lender structuring, and property repositioning as a subsidiary of B Group, a family-owned real estate conglomerate.

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A track record built on decades of trust, resilience, and success.


B Group Capital Management will expertly structure deals all while repositioning and procuring new assets. We take our investor relations seriously and always aim to be transparent and provide a clear asset strategy with a focus on improving efficiency and adapting the properties to the market needs.

Property Management

We provide a comprehensive management structure over any type of residential, industrial or commercial property under our portfolio. This is cemented through our diligent process of maintenance and collection that ensures our properties yield the perfect workplace experience.

Property Management

B Group Capital Management has developed and actively maintains residential properties in Florida. We elevate the style of living through remodeling and repositioning that attracts consumers and builds communities where there once was none.


B Group Capital Management has applied its infallible vision of the future to a number of commercial and residential properties throughout Florida and Georgia. Our attention to detail and dedication to our tenants is shown through our drive to not only improve, but continue to heighten the quality of our properties and the satisfaction of its users.